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  • Reinhold Popp

    Reinhold Popp Austrian Futurologist Description From his site: “Reinhold Popp is one of the few university lecturers in German-speaking countries who are systematically involved in future-oriented research. Based on scientific analyses, he creates realistic images of the future, beyond destructive doomsday moods and uncritical everything-will-be-okay optimism. Several publications by Professor Popp are regarded as standard [...]

    March 13, 2019

  • SATtravel

    SATtravel Luxury travel services around the world Description Translated from their site: “SAT Airline and Travel Services doo (SAT Travel), is an online travel agency with global access, duly registered in Europe, specifically, in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The project began to be developed in 2010. We are a group of citizens of different [...]

    March 13, 2019